Pokemon Movie 2: Sự bùng nổ của Lugia huyền thoại

Pokemon Movie 2: Sự bùng nổ của Lugia huyền thoại

Pokemon Movie 2: The Power Of One (2000)

(9 đ / 11 lượt)
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Pokemon Movie 2: Sự bùng nổ của Lugia huyền thoại 2000, phim Pokemon Movie 2: The Power Of One (2000)

Lịch chiếu:

Being a Pokemon fanatic, I was thrilled to see a sequel to Pokemon: The First Movie. Then again, I was sort of skeptical, because the first movie was not as "adventurous" as I thought it would be. Also, it is known that sequels tend to be worse than the original film. However, I was proven wrong. This film has better animation, a more detailed plot line, and greater sense of a "movie" rather than an extended version of the television series. Even the short, "Pikachu"s Rescue Adventure" made more sense than "Pikachu"s Vacation" in the first movie. I know what you all may be thinking, he is probably just some kid who just wants to brag about how good Pokemon is; but the fact is... I"m 20! I can legally walk into a "R-rated" movie! But, I would prefer walking into this delightful feature, because sometimes, with all the horror and boring over-dramatic films out there, it feels good to see a cute & funny animated film with a lesson to be learned at the end (which I"m not going to spoil for you). I highly recommend this movie, because nowadays, we all need to feel like a "kid" to release us from the stress! So, until a third movie comes out, I"ll watch this one some more!

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